We're wired!

It's a new world as computers play an important role in every aspect of modern day life. From ATM and phone cards to gasoline pumps and store tills, everything is computerized.

So is Velva Public School. There are computers in every classroom, several computer labs and technology classes that enable our students to use these systems. This knowledge provides our graduates with skills that will be applicable not only in college, but in the workforce.

And our school works to keep pace with today's technological potential. As the resources offered by the internet grew, school officials saw the need for faster, more reliable access and rewired the entire facility for T1 connections. When the ODIN network was made available to public schools, Velva librarian Iris Swedlund immediately applied for the funds and training to implement this exciting tool. Today, the entire contents of the library -- from microfiche and recordings to books and periodicals -- are available online. The ODIN network also provides our students and the general public with access to hundreds of libraries and research sources across the United States. The world is literally at your fingertips, thanks to this ground-breaking project.

In addition, our school system was recently enhanced by the addition of $30,000 of computers and software, provided to the Velva School and Public Library through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (Yes, THE Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft Corporation.) The gift was made as part of the foundation's educational endeavors under its library program. Delivery included a half-dozen new computers -- including a Spanish system -- a main frame server, flat screen monitors, headphones, keyboards and hundreds of full-version software titles. Representatives from BMGF not only installed and networked the equipment, but instructed library personnel in its use.

And the technology is not restricted to the classroom: several extra-curricular organizations incorporate tech applications into not only club management, but as part of competitive events. From web design to data base programming, it's all there!