Living in Velva

From stately old Victorian homes to sprawling contemporary residences, Velva's houses line shady paved streets and dot the hillsides climbing out of our valley. Seventy-five percent of the houses in town are resident-owned, and owners take a great deal of pride in the appearance of their homes and yards. As a result, the vast majority of our avenues boast pretty, well-kept residences and neatly trimmed lawns.

But it isn't the houses that make a neighborhood: it's the families living in them. Here in Velva, you'll find the kind of people you thought disappeared with black and white television. People who watch out for your home when you're out of town, whether you ask them to or not. People who keep a careful eye on your children as they walk to school or pedal to the swimming pool. People who show up on your doorstep with a hot casserole and heartfelt concern when trouble strikes. People who know the importance of being a good neighbor ... and a good citizen.

Velva's unique mix of economic progress and family values has made it a popular place for young families to live and raise their children. While we welcome these new additions to our community, the influx left us short of housing. Always ready to tackle a new challenge, local economic development and city officials banded together to do what some said couldn't be done: annex and develop a new residential section in Velva. In the summer of 2003, the Sunset Addition was completed and lots are now available. You can find out more about this exciting new venture under housing.