Learning in Velva

The best education for your children

Who says you have to send your kids to a big school to get a great education? In Velva, we're justifiably proud of our superior school system. There are computers in every classroom, high-end technology classes, award-winning teachers, a new, highly lauded library and a talented staff. We have students who regularly compete at the national level in academic endeavors, such as the National Science Fair. And the school is completely "wired," with high-speed T1 internet connections.

The Velva School and Public Library, a 10,000 square foot contemporary structure on the north end of the school building, is a source of great pride in the community. Built just 15 years ago through a voter-supported bond issue, it is a feast for the eyes and the mind. The facility was recently enhanced by a generous donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) as a bevy of new computers -- complete with server and hundreds of software titles -- fill the computer stations. The Microsoft couple presented the grant proceeds as part of BMGF's library improvement program.

Interestingly, another BMGF project is an effort to downsize America's schools. According to federal and university studies, children enrolled in small school systems are better adjusted, better educated, better prepared for college, and ultimately, more successful. Here in Velva, we were already aware of the benefits of attending a small school and receiving a personalized education. Our school produces graduates who go on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, nuclear engineers, corporate administrators, computer engineers and PhDs. These ambitious scholars often report back to us that they entered large university systems well-prepared.

Velva Public School has approximately 475 students enrolled in grades kindergarten through 12, all in one accessible location. The Velva School District offers special education, a counselor on sight and a highly-qualified teaching staff. Junior high and high school students are offered a variety of optional courses in addition to those required for graduation, including Spanish II, art, creative writing, physics, chemistry, technology and advanced math classes.