In public service

Velva is governed by a five member city commission: four commissioners and the mayor. These representatives are elected at large by the residents of Velva and anyone who has lived in the city for 30 days or more is eligible to seek office. The council is currently comprised of Mayor Cindy Shattuck and Commissioners Dave Kramer, John Johnson, Vern Wunderlich and Rolly Loken.

The city commission sets local ordinances, hires city employees and oversees the local water supply, sewer system, city cemetery, police force and municipal court. The commission also issues building permits, gaming licenses, beer and liquor licenses, and fulfills other duties as set in city code. Full-time city employees include Police Chief Dennis Snodgrass, two additional police officers, the Public Works Superintendent and his assistant, and City Auditor Carol Bickler.

Velva citizens passed a Home Rule Charter several years ago, which allowed the city to institute a one-cent sales tax that provides funds to several local entities, including local economic development.

Other local ordinances are set by and taxes imposed by the McHenry County Commission. There are five districts represented on the county board, and the City of Velva is split between two districts. (As the largest community in the county, the county commissioners voted in 2001 to split Velva into two districts to equalize the population levels across the districts.) There are currently two county commissioners from the Velva area serving on the board.