Velva Area Dollars for Scholars


The Velva Area Dollars for Scholars (DFS) has only one purpose: to provide scholarships to the graduates of Velva High School.

Velva DFS chapter, chartered in early 2002, is community-driven, community-operated and community-funded. That means that your contributions directly benefit a Velva scholar - we don't send your money out of town. A variety of students will benefit from this program. We award scholarships to students who plant to attend four-year and two-year schools in every field of study, from medicine to diesel engine repair. The only criteria is that the school be accredited ... and that the student has the desire to continue his or her education.

Studies show that 90 percent of today's graduates will need financial assistance to attend college, and it is our ultimate goal to provide every college-bound Velva graduate with a scholarship. But right now, as a new chapter, we are concentrating on building an endowment fund to finance that dream. We hope you will join us.

Because Dollars for Scholars is designed as a permanent addition to our community, its goals are long-term and self-sustaining. We welcome your contributions to this exciting new endeavor and thank you for your support. If you would like to include Dollars for Scholars in your estate planning, please let us know and we'll give you any assistance we can.

The Velva Area Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors would like to thank the Velva area community for their support in providing 31 scholarships (totaling $14,520) to these 2005 Velva High School seniors. Over $39,970 has been awarded to four graduating VHS classes.

Please help us help the graduates of Velva High School. Call, write or email us and we'll send you a brochure telling you more about Velva DFS. Thank you.

Velva Area Dollars for Scholars
P.O. Box 226 :: Velva, North Dakota 58790
Phone: Bob at 701.626.7581 or Suzy at 701.338.2589

DFS Board
Bob Chilson
Ryan Pederson
Suzy Lee
Janyce Feist
Megan Krueger
Jeff Michalenko
Peggy Schmaltz
Gary Hillerud
Gene Buen
Randy Hauck
Annette Braaten
James Anderson

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