Just a short shot

We know we can't employ everyone who lives in our little hamlet, and that's just fine. (After all, if we get too big, we'll lose that small town lifestyle that makes Velva so appealing!) The latest Census results put our population at just over 1,000 souls, and while we would be happy to see that number rise by a couple hundred, we're proud to be the largest community in McHenry County.

So where does the rest of our population earn their living? Well, many of them make the 20 mile jaunt down Highway 52 to nearby Minot. With a population of 36,000 and numerous industries and retail outlets, the Magic City offers a variety of job options, ranging from labor to technical to professional. So, if you choose to make that commute, you'll be in good company, and you could easily find someone to "share a ride." (And you needn't worry while you're at work: the daycares and school in Velva will take excellent care of your kids!)

Our neighbor to the west also offers the transportation options we can't: an international airport, Greyhound Bus Lines, Amtrak Rail service and dozens of car rental agencies. As you can see, we may be rural, but we're not out of reach!

Velva lies at the intersection of North Dakota highways 52 and 41, just a few miles off Interstate 94. The map of north central North Dakota, (below) gives you a good idea of where we are ... and just how accessible Velva is!

Velva, ND Map
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Velva Commuting