State champions - over and over!

Dozens of state championships ... and counting!

Velva's students excel in the classroom, and in the gym ... on the court ... on the field ... on the track ... well, you get the idea.
Our school colors are blue and gold, and the teams that wear the "V" are called Aggies. So what's an Aggie? Something you wish you were! Actually, the name comes from the fact that our high school was originally an agricultural school, so the name "Aggies" was adopted, using the abbreviated "ag" for agriculture.
The trophy cases that line our halls are over-flowing with state championship trophies in a variety of sports, including football, wrestling, girls basketball, track, golf and baseball. Our athletes are held to high standards, and as a result, most of them are also honor students. (When you expect the best, you're more likely to get it!)
Use the links below to find out more about the athletic offerings at Velva Public School. These are very brief explanations and address only the varsity programs. We do offer most sports programs at the elementary level, and all are available to middle school/junior high students.



Aggie Football

Coaches: Larry Sandy, Michael Thingstad and Dan Brekke

Our recent State Class A Football Championships did not mark the Aggies' first titles, and will certainly not be the last. This program has remained consistently strong through decades of gridiron grunting, and fans look forward to the first snap of the season every fall. Following are just some of the honors accumulated by the Aggies.

North Dakota State Class A Champions: 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005
North Dakota State Class B Champions: 1983

Finalist for Senior of the Year 2001: Brent Wunderlich
Coach of the Year 2000: Larry Sandy
Dakota Bowl MVP 2000: Cody Kittelson
Dakota Bowl records set in 2000 state championship game:Cody Kittelson: Longest run from scrimmage, 80 yards, 2001.Justin Mack: Longest field goal, 36 yards, 2005.

Aggie VolleyballCoaches: Wendy Peters and Larry Long

There's a new head coach in 2006, inspiring our athletes to be their best. The Aggies frequently emerge from district tournaments to compete at the regional meet, and their ambitious new coaches want to take them even further...
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Aggie Boys Basketball

Coaches: John Lauinger and Larry Long

One of the most popular sports in Velva, and across North Dakota, the Aggies boys program is under the direction of head coach John Lauinger. One season highlight is always the Velva Invitational Tournament, hosted by our school every January. It's a regional favorite featuring local teams and always draws a big crowd!

Aggie Golf

Coaches: Ken Henderson

The boys golf team captured our attention when they won with the State Sand Greens Golf Championship in 1995. Lately, practice has been a struggle for these squads, as the local golf course was shut down as the new course is completed. But the new course is now open and these Aggies can hit the links at the Star City Golf Club.

Aggie Girls Basketball
Coaches: Dave Peterson and Chris Braaten
Our girls basketball team carries on the Aggie tradition of excellence each and every season. In recent years, we've had several players nominated for North Dakota Ms. Basketball, and in 1999, the Aggie women brought it "all" home! These fierce competitors fought their way through an undefeated season and capped it off with the State Class B State Championship trophy. The 1999 Aggies also boasted the Coach of the Year Dave Peterson, the North Dakota State Basketball Team of the Year; runner-up for North Dakota Ms. Basketball Jessie Slinde; and State Tournament MVP Jennifer Miller. The State Spirit Award went to the Elite 12 cheering squad and a State Sportsmanship Award was presented to the whole community. It was a year that fans will always remember. (Oh, and if you're wondering about the Elite 12, wonder no more. The group consisted of about 20 football players who dressed up in themed gear for every girls basketball game and performed cheers for the crowd. The Elite 12 operated completely on their own: they wrote their own cheers, designed their own outfits and found their own transportation to away games. Much to their surprise, they beat out "real" cheerleading squads at the state basketball tournament for the spirit award! The Elite 12 is just one more example of how our students support each other.)

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Aggie Wrestling
Coaches Mike Thingstad, Cy Kittelson and Dan Splichal
One of the most consistent programs in North Dakota, the Velva grapplers have brought home five team state championship trophies while 26 wrestlers have collected individual state titles at various weights. In addition, a number of our wrestlers hold state records. All of this illustrates the strength of the Aggie wrestling program.
State Team Finishes, Top Five Places
State Champs: 1976
Third in State: 1980
State Champs: 1977
Third in State: 1981
State Champs: 1979
Third in State: 1982
State Champs: 1984
Third in State: 1992
State Champs: 1985
Third in State: 1993
State Champs: 1986
Third in State, Dual: 2004
State Runners-Up: 1991
Third in State, Dual & Ind: 2005
Second in State, Dual: 2006
Fourth in State, Ind.: 2004
Third in State: 1974
Fifth in State: 1983
Third in State: 1975
Fifth in State: 1995
Third in State: 1978
Individual State Champions
'06 Nathen Schweitzer 135#
'86 Curt Kittelson, 167#
'05 Heath Roberts 171#
'85 Curt Kittelson, 167#
'04 Nathan Chilson, 152#
'83 Jeff Kvamme, 167#
'04 Matt Kittelson, 171#
'82 Scott Kelly, 185#
'02 Brent Wunderlich, Hwt.
'81 James Anderson, 138#
'00 Jayd Kittelson, 189#
'81 Scott Kelly, 185#
'98 Wade Kittelson, 215#
'81 Lenny Vannett, 132#
'96 James Bilby, 125#
'80 Scott Kelly, 185#
'93 Andy Boe, 135#
'80 Lenny Vannett, 126#
'93 Marty Heim, 125#
'80 James Anderson, 138#
'92 Marty Heim, 119#
'79 Scott Kelly, 185#
'91 Robert Finneseth, 189#
'79 Tim Michaelson, Hwt.
'91 Mikel Reishus, 171#
'78 Mike Kelner, 126#
'87 Jason Rist, 98#
'76 Rick Nechiporenko, Hwt.
'86 Chuck Michaelson, Hwt.
'75 Rick Nechiporenko, Hwt.

Aggie Track and Field
Coaches: Dave Peterson
Whether its running, jumping, leaping or throwing, the Aggies can do it all ... with finesse! This athletic program has turned out numerous state champions, including Chelsea Hausauer, the first State Class B Triple Crown Champion. Chelsea took first place in the javelin, discus and shot put at the 2002 state track meet. She's not alone in carrying on the winning Aggie tradition, and we count on our track and field stars to "run all over" the competition.

Aggie Baseball
Coaches: Mike Thingstad and Larry Sandy

Baseball offerings in Velva range from High School Baseball to summer American Legion, Babe Ruth and Pee Wee programs. The Aggies were State High School Champions in 1964, 1984 and 1986, and were runners-up as recently as 2001. They have made 15 state tournament appearances, and finished as State Runners-Up six times. Virtually the same teams compete in American Legion Baseball, where Velva took the 2005 State Legion Championship. The local American Legion team has made eight state tournament appearances, and our Babe Ruth team took third in state in 2002! Once again, it seems that the competitive "Aggie Attitude" carries through all seasons!

Note: High school baseball begins in April. After state championships in early June, most players begin playing American Legion and/or Babe Ruth baseball. There is also a youth baseball program for boys and girls offered through the Velva Summer Rec program.
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