For the creative mind...

To be or not to be ...

You must feed the soul as well as the mind, and at Velva Public School, creativity is nurtured. As the school budget tightened during the 1980s, art courses were dropped from the curriculum. But the classes returned several years ago, despite funding challenges, as local school officials believed the instruction was important to many students. Indeed, Velva's school board and administration work hard to not only maintain current offerings, but to constantly add new classes and new challenges. Now, our art students have regular showings and compete very successfully at the state level.

The music program at Velva Public School begins at the elementary level and, in addition to the traditional large band and chorus, includes a variety of smaller instrumental and vocal ensembles. Each year, these groups compete at music festivals, collecting star ratings and moving on to state competition. In addition, they present wonderful concerts at the school, much to the delight of local residents. One Christmas, the music department performed "A Taste of Renaissance," complete with Medieval costumes, orchestra, violins, wandering minstrels, serving wenches and refreshments.

The Drama Club presents several plays throughout the school year, including comedies and serious interpretations. They also take these productions "on the road" as they compete at regional meets to test their skills and acquire new ideas. In addition to providing some wondrous local entertainment, they have brought home numerous honors.

And our speech club is a force to be reckoned with, collecting state championship awards in one category or another every year. That success is due in large part to Velva's State Speech Coach of the Year, Collette Canevello.

Whether your child is an actor, an artist, a musician or a vocalist, Velva Public School can feed their interest and help them grow.