Surpassing expectations

The students at Velva Public School are ambitious and competitive, and we're not just talking about sports!

Our young people approach science, math and business competitions with the same determination and excitement as a football playoff game. Proof of that is in our trophy cases, where you'll find gleaming gold statuettes of championship wrestlers sitting next to state championship Science Olympiad trophies.

We have students who have qualified for and competed at the National Science Fair, and still more who have been honored at the state level for excellence in science and technology. A stock market and investment contest sponsored by the North Dakota Securities Commission saw several teams from Velva High School taking top honors while competing against schools ten times the size of ours!

In Velva, academics include creative thought, as well, and the school's busy librarian brings in authors on a regular basis, allowing elementary and high school students to learn more about the writing process. These face-to-face encounters with nationally-known authors inspire and educate our youngsters.

These projects mean our students don't just study in the classroom: they're involved in academics as an extra-curricular activity, as well. From Reading Month programs through our stellar library to the fun and educational experience of the Science Olympiad, our students excel in numerous areas of study. In addition, the local Dollars for Scholars chapter adds incentives for well-rounded students through numerous scholarship awards.